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Messaging lets brands chat with consumers live or over time, on the most popular digital channels


Our customers include many of the worlds top brands

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LivePerson is transforming the customer care industry, moving the world’s largest brands from analog voice into the conversational era. We deliver chat and messaging, supported by AI and bots, at scale on the leading enterprise conversational platform, LiveEngage, serving more than 18,000 customers.

Consumer experience

Agent experience

LiveEngage aggregates live chat and messaging conversations from a variety of digital channels and brings them into a single web-based console to streamline sales and customer care operations. And with Smart Capacity, agents will be fully utilized without overwhelming them. Smart Capacity is a proprietary LivePerson algorithm that identifies agent availability by calculating the frequency rate of messages - or “message intensity” - instead of the number of conversations they are handling. This ensures maximum efficiency.

Agent Experience

Bots and AI drive even greater efficiency

The major brands LivePerson works with are aggressively pursuing bots to reduce care costs and create new digital experiences for sales as well as establish strong relationships. LivePerson has the only complete solution to create, manage, and optimize bots for customer care and sales. We can build and deploy your bot in less than 30 days.

How businesses are using bots

Real-time reporting and analytics

Real-time reporting and analytics Real-time reporting and analytics

For the first time ever, customer satisfaction can be measured in real time via LivePerson’s Meaningful Connection Score (MCS). This proprietary text analytics system leverages advanced natural language processing techniques and analyzes conversations in real time. Every interaction is immediately analyzed and gets a positive or negative score based on the emotional content of the conversation. Agents and managers have real-time visibility into this score so that action can be taken before it’s too late. Within the LiveEngage agent workspace, advanced reporting tools exist to visualize historical data for MCS along with other operational data and business results.

Our customers are seeing incredible results

3x lift in sales conversion

30% reduction of customer care costs

CSAT reaching 95%

3x agent productivity