Reach the masses with proactive two-way text messaging

Supercharge your marketing, sales and care efforts on SMS, WhatsApp and beyond

Original Broadcast Date: Oct. 29th, 2019
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Create conversations, not spam

Today’s outbound communications fail all too often. Emails and calls get ignored while one-way texts offer a bad experience by forcing customers to click a link or respond with a phone call to find resolution.

New proactive two-way messaging is a game changer, giving you the ability to initiate conversations, then answer high value sales or customer care questions all within a convenient messaging channel.

More sales, better care, less friction

Join this webinar to learn how proactive two-way messaging is becoming the new standard in brand-to-consumer communication. In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create marketing campaigns that drive greater awareness, engagement, and sales
  • Send care alerts that offer white-glove service and the ability to resolve issues in the same thread
  • Create revenue opportunities and unique experiences in a channel that offers 90% open and 32% response rates, and up to a 14% increase in conversions

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During this event, our conversational commerce experts will show specific examples of how proactive two-way messaging can level up your marketing, sales, and care interactions.

Samantha Rosendorff
Solutions Sr Manager, LivePerson

Brian Donnelly
Marketing Director, LivePerson