Consumer Reactions to Digital Retailing

A Root & Associates Study, Commissioned by Contact At Once!

Learn What Works (& What Doesn't)
Considering a digital retailing process for your brand or dealership? We’ve done the research on how to get the most from that investment. What it comes down to is this: To realize digital retailing’s full potential, you need to pair it with messaging assistance.

Take a look at what our two-part Root & Associates study uncovered in a survey of 1,000+ car buyers and shoppers and in-depth, in-person interviews.

This free guide will help you:

Understand what consumers are looking for in their online buying experience.

Learn how to provide the right kind of messaging assistance throughout.

See how digital retailing & integrated messaging can help you win with the millennial segment, too.

Be in the right places, on the right devices, at the right time to influence buying decisions