Use Conversational AI to innovate and scale

Learn how our new AI solutions identify consumer intents, route them to the best bot or human agent, then offer insights to perfect your customer experience

Original Broadcast Date: Oct. 10th, 2019
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Deliver personalized messaging experiences at scale

Consumers want to message your business to ask questions and have valuable sales and customer care conversations. With Conversational AI, you can respond with high-quality, personalized experiences at every step of the consumer journey.

AI tools to build, measure, and optimize bots

Join this webinar to learn how Conversational AI is shaping the future of business, and how LivePerson’s new, intuitive AI solutions are driving the transformation:

  • LiveIntent examines conversations, identifies intents, and delivers insights to optimize operations
  • Conversation Builder makes it easy for non-technical employees to build and improve bots
  • Maven AI routes conversations to the best bot or human agent, recommends actions for human agents, and uses machine learning to improve over time

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During this session, our Conversational AI experts will show specific examples of how to use AI to optimize your business and scale your messaging operations.

Paige Twillmann
Global AI & Bots Lead

Dhoreena Ventura
Product Marketer