Experts predict that by the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people.  By 2014, mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage.  If your customer engagement strategy does not include mobile engagement, you are missing a huge opportunity to create meaningful connections with your customers.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Grant Miller, LivePerson’s mobile expert, as he reviews the five best practices for mobile engagement.  You’ll learn about:

  • Personalizing the mobile experience

  • Leveraging geolocation data

  • Increasing mobile engagement

Grant Miller, LivePerson

Grant Miller

Mobile Strategy Director, LivePerson

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He will also share a real-world customer success story featuring GAIN Capital, a leading global provider of online foreign exchange trading services, and how through LivePerson's mobile app, mobile engagement has contributed over 20% of their trading volume within a year, with continual growth every month.


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