LivePerson Function as a Service

Customize the conversational cloud — no servers required

Original Broadcast Date: July 9th, 2019
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Quickly customize LiveEngage with Functions

LivePerson’s Function as a Service (FaaS) allows developers and builders to easily customize the LiveEngage conversational platform. Triggered by specific events such as conversations starting or ending, agent availability, survey submissions and more, functions run as code in the LivePerson FaaS cloud. LivePerson FaaS requires no infrastructure or overhead and enterprises are able to quickly create customized workflows to streamline operations and improve customer experience.

Solve business problems with powerful, easy-to-use tools

The extensive set of LivePerson open APIs are made even more powerful with FaaS. Backend systems for billing, CRM, ticketing, reporting and others can be integrated with FaaS in minutes. FaaS can be used to update these systems based on conversational events, while events from an enterprise CRM or CMS can trigger FaaS to update LiveEngage. FaaS is highly configurable, allowing enterprises to build innovative and differentiated conversational experiences.

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This event will be especially relevant for developers and builders responsible for enterprise customer engagement solutions. You’ll see specific examples of how you can use FaaS to address business problems and how quickly you can build new Functions in LiveEngage.

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