How to build a bot

Get started with easy-to-design, high-performing conversational bots and automation

Original Broadcast Date: Mar. 14th, 2019
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A one-stop shop for enterprise bots

Figuring out how to get started with bots can be complicated, and some companies are uncertain how automation might impact customer experience. LivePerson’s Conversation Builder speeds and simplifies what it takes to build high-quality bots. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how to design a conversation, map intents and conversational elements, and test a bot with Conversation Builder.

Bot-building everyone can use

Conversation Builder can help reduce reliance on developers to build and update bots. It’s easy enough to use that even non-technical staff can use it to build and update bots. You could even give call center agents and other frontline employees — those who know the voice of your brand the best — the ability to use Conversation Builder to improve bot performance.

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During this event, you’ll hear from one of LivePerson’s bot building experts, who helps leading brands design and optimize automated conversations.

Jon Altschuler
Senior Director, Creative, Conversation Design & Bot Solutions