LivePerson AI-powered conversational commerce

Deliver high-impact conversations with LivePerson AI

Original Broadcast Date: Dec. 13th, 2018
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Easily build automated conversations

LivePerson’s Conversation Builder gives anyone the ability to design and build conversational bots — no programming skills or lines of code required. Through easy and intuitive dialog flows, brands are able to quickly build and optimize automated conversations. Conversation Builder also includes a set of pre-built, industry-specific workflow automations.

Maven™ — the AI brain that powers conversational commerce

Maven™ is the continuously-learning AI engine that underpins LivePerson’s conversational commerce capabilities. Maven™ looks at each conversational turn and recommends the next-best-action for the best possible conversational outcome. Maven™ makes human agents more efficient and orchestrates all the bots across an enterprise.

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Hear from LivePerson AI experts on the new products and see Conversation Builder in action.

Joe Bradley
Chief Scientist

Ravi Chittari
VP Engineering of Enterprise Bot Solutions